Human Resource Management

Connect People Anytime Anywhere

HR Management in an interconnected and mobile work environment

Value creation through real-time people management

Active collaboration and participation of human resources in corporate activities

Exhaustive, Simple & Smart

Organizational Chart

Use Kairos' built-in organizational chart and design solution to create a chart showing the full picture of your organization. Create roles and a functional structure, assign costs and tasks to the various roles. View profile pictures, contact details and areas of responsibility in the chart and give controlled access to the details of each individual.

Communication and Survey Models

Share company news and updates in a timely and personalized way.
Create questionnaires and surveys to monitor topics and the organizational climate. Involve and inform your people.

Attendance and Leave Management

Use the time-off module to monitor the request, approval and tracking of employee leave. The module is integrated with the organizational chart, project resource management, payroll preparation and leave policies.

Technical Resource and Expense Management

Manage company resources, like cars and meeting rooms, with a shared booking system.
Easily plan your trips and simply fill-in your expense report from your app or backend access.

Safety, Healthcare and Training

Develop workplace safety programs and comply with mandatory safety and healthcare legislation.
Manage risks, training, safety gear and healthcare checks for every individual. Reduce accidents and injuries.


Thanks to the native reporting system you can have all the information about your human resources at your fingertips. You can easily visualize and analyse key metrics to make informed and timely decisions.

Kairos People
is also mobile

Expand the software’s functionality with the Kairos People mobile App.
Let your staff manage timesheets, attendance, absences and expenses remuneration quickly and easily. Give them access to your calendar, integrated with Outlook or Google Calendar, and communicate with them in groups or one to one.


NT Food Spa, representing excellence in the sphere of food intolerances and nutrition, has chosen Kairos People to manage its Human Resources in a smart way.